Immediate and exclusive access to moving Canadians

    Connect with Canadian movers through our smartmovesTM program. Use our targeted data to reach this exclusive audience before and after their move. Make contact when it matters most!

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    “Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

    Your Neighbourhood Calendar

    Introduce new movers to your local business. Be one of 12 brands to sponsor this highly personalized calendar. Your Neighbourhood Calendar utilizes the latest innovations in digital print technology and is customized to the individual address. It’s available in 3 cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Advertising options include:
    • Monthly Sponsorship
      Reach movers throughout the year in 1 or all 3 cities with branded content and call-to-action features 
    • Inserts
      You provide the material. We’ll send it to customers weekly, with targeting down to the Forward Sortation Area level (FSA is the first 3 characters of a postal code)

    More ways to advertise with smartmoves

    Movers Direct

    Use direct mail to advertise to your customers. You can choose single or double panel ad cards or an enveloped letter. Then target your customers by:
    • Geography (national, provincial, municipal, distance or drive time from your business or FSA (first three characters of the postal code) 
    • When they moved (for example: 1-3 months, 2-6 months, or 6-12 months) 
    • Type of household (single unit versus multi-unit)

    Movers eDirect

    Complement your direct mail campaign with our digital marketing options. Reach movers from a national level or down to the FSA (first three characters of the postal code) level. Getting started is easy:
    • Select a type of email (confirmation, pre-move edirect or post-move edirect) 
    • Refine your targeting

    Why smartmoves

    Movers spend money

    Movers are in hyper-spend mode with an average of $7,900 being spent over the course of the move lifecycle.

    It’s targeted

    You get exclusive access to our Mail Forwarding database. Reach more than 800,000 households from coast to coast.

    It’s fast and easy

    We have turn-key portfolio of solutions: Your Neighbourhood Calendar, inserts, movers direct, and digital.

    Receptive customers

    From home décor and moving supplies to new utilities and cellphone providers; movers are looking for your products and services.

    How to get started

    Talk with our smartmoves team for more information and pricing options.
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