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Marketing ideas for inciting action

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The cover of INCITE magazine. A single colour (Pantone, an orange/red combination) with the word INCITE in block letters at the top left. At the bottom right, beside the magazine, is a colour swatch of the same colour with the word #UNIGNORABLE labelling it.
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Diagram of a person’s face, with sections of their cranium labelled with a range of different thoughts and ideas.


Today’s lift in ROI could be tomorrow’s drop in revenue. A minor cut to costs here might be a major cut to value there. How do you confidently assess the impact of decisions like these, and open everyone’s measurement mind to market for effectiveness?

You need to MEASURE WHAT MATTERS. Find the INCITE you need to measure for meaningful impact. Evaluate the KPIs you use to measure marketing performance with our handy checklist on page 11.


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A woman’s face on a bright Pantone coloured background. Her hair is also Pantone, and silhouettes the shape of a yelling man, drawing attention to domestic violence, a central focus of the United Way’s #UNIGNORABLE campaign.

Business Matters

#UNIGNORABLE results: A United Way case study

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Ron Tite of CHURCH+STATE: Navigating the tension between creativity and predictability.

Business Matters

Ron Tite of Church+State: Navigating the tension between creativity and predictability

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Cartoon image of a black-and-white megaphone on a blue background

Business Matters

Marketing for impact: Confessions of a direct marketer

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Get the data on direct mail

Get the facts on the power of direct mail to build your brand, improve loyalty, extend the reach of your marketing message, and so much more.

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Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

These terms are used interchangeably in marketing, but couldn’t be more different. See if your colleagues know the difference by sharing our PDF.


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