Free Shipping Tuesdays for small businesses

    Skip the FOMO.
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    Skip the FOMO. Get the PROMO.

    Skip the FOMO.
    Get the PROMO.


    more days until
    Free Shipping Tuesdays

    more days until Free Shipping Tuesdays

    more days until Free Shipping Tuesdays

    We’re bringing back Free Shipping Tuesdays

    Don't miss out on the #PROMO!

    Free Shipping Tuesdays is back for Small Business Month! Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM members can ship one free package every Tuesday, all October. Every Tuesday in October, you’ll find a promo code here you can use to create a shipping label online using Canada Post Snap ShipTM allowing you to send a free package (up to 5kg2) to any destination in Canada using our XpresspostTM or Expedited ParcelTM services. You can even save yourself a trip to the post office with our free pickup service.1

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    Solutions for Small Business

    Find answers to your Free Shipping
    Tuesdays questions in our FAQ.

    How do I get free shipping and pickup?

    1. Find your promo code right here, every Tuesday this October. Make sure you don’t miss out by adding Free Shipping Tuesdays to your calendar!
    1. Sign in to your Solutions for Small Business account and use Snap Ship to send a package up to 5 kg2 anywhere in Canada with our Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel services. See if you’re ready to use Snap Ship.
    1. If it’s available in your area you’ll be asked if you want Parcel Pickup. Your free pickup can be scheduled for any of the next 5 business days.1

    Shipping services for small businesses

    Snap Ship

    Ship any package online in only a few clicks. Save up to:

    • 34% on shipments within Canada
    • 23% to the U.S.
    • 47% around the world

    Try Snap Ship, and enjoy better business shipping.

    Discover Snap Ship

    Parcel pickup

    Don’t worry about making it to the post office.

    Save time and deliver faster by requesting parcel pickup1 (where available) with Snap Ship.

    We’ll come right to your business address and collect your packages.

    Parcel Pickup

    See what you can save

    Solutions for Small Business is all about providing Canadian small businesses the best possible prices on shipping. See how our minimum discounts compare to the maximum ones offered by other carriers.

    Want to save even more? With Solutions for Small Business, the more you ship, the less you pay. Learn how the savings work.

    *Parcel size: 12.7 cm. X 12.7 cm. X 12.7 cm.(5” x 5” x 5”). Parcel weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb.)

    Frequently asked questions

    • Q. Do I have to be a member of Canada Post Solutions for Small Business?
      Yes. Use your Solutions for Small Business customer number to access Snap Ship. If you are not yet a member, sign up now – it’s free. If you have a card, but never created an online business profile, please do so now. In addition to Free Shipping Tuesdays, you get everyday discounts on marketing and shipping.
    • Q. Is there a weight restriction on my parcel size?
      Yes. Free shipments have a limit of an actual or volumetric weight of five kilograms. Shipments that exceed this maximum weight will be charged for the extra weight according to your Solutions for Small Business account savings level rate.
    • Q. Does the offer cover options or surcharges (Coverage, COD, Signature, Unpackaged, oversize etc.)?
      The offer covers the cost of shipping only. It does not include any additional options or surcharges such as Coverage, COD, Signature, oversize, Unpackaged, etc.
    • Q. What’s a volumetric weight limit, and how do I know if my package exceeds it?
      Volumetric weight is a concept used by Canada Post to determine the shipping costs of a package according to its size and weight. For Free Shipping Tuesdays, we’ll ship any package below 5 volumetric kilograms anywhere in Canada. Calculate the volumetric weight of your package to avoid surprise fees!
    • Q. Why am I getting an error message when signing into Solutions for Small Business, even though I signed in with my username and password?

      This may be because:

      1. You used an incorrect username and/or password. Try again or, if you have forgotten them, follow the instructions on the sign in page to reset them.
      2. Snap Ship and Free Shipping Tuesdays promotional codes are not available to Canada Post customers who have an active parcel agreement with Canada Post.
      3. A compatibility issue can arise if you also have a FlexDeliveryTM, epostTM, or an old or incomplete Canada Post online profile. In this situation, call 1-877-262-5762.
    • Q. When I try to create an online Solutions for Small Business username and password, I see a message saying that my email is already in use. What should I do?
      You may have used the email for a different Canada Post account. Please use a different email address to create your Solutions for Small Business username and password.
    • Q. I’ve got access to Snap Ship. How do I apply the promo code?
      Enter the promo code from the Snap Ship “Your order” page after you’ve entered all your shipment details, in the right hand “Promo code” column, click “+ Add promo code,” input your Free Shipping Tuesday code and click apply. If you don’t see “+Add promo code,” you’ve signed in with the wrong type of account. Check that you are signed in with your Solutions for Small Business username and password.
    • Q. What shipping services can I use?
      Both Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel qualify for Free Shipping Tuesday. Any other services, including options like Signature, are excluded from this offer.
    • Q. Is there compensation if the item is delivered past guaranteed service standards?
      No. The promo code will cover the cost of one free Xpresspost, Expedited Parcel, or Regular ParcelTM service on each of the Tuesdays specified.
      The usual service standards will apply. No compensation will be issued for items delivered past guaranteed standards.
    • Q. Why do I need to enter a valid credit card number if the shipment is free?
      A valid credit card number must be entered in order to create a shipping label. Additional charges may apply during the verification process (for example, if you request proof of identity or your parcel is more than 5 kg) and will be processed on the credit card provided.
    • Q. Can I use my debit card or prepaid card instead of a credit card?
      No, unfortunately you’ll need to use a valid credit card to enjoy the Free Shipping Tuesdays offer.
    • Q. The promo code didn’t work, and I was charged. Can I put in a claim?
      If the promo code wasn’t applied to the order that you were charged for, you can still send a free parcel by creating a new label using the promo code.
    • Q. Why can’t I get my free shipment using my Visa Debit card or prepaid credit card?
      Our system is unable to process Visa Debit or prepaid credit cards. You need to enter a standard credit card to be able to use your Free Shipping Tuesdays promo code.
    • Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
      We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. At this time we do not accept Debit, Visa Debit, or prepaid credit cards.
    • Q. Why am I seeing a charge on my credit card account?
      If your parcel weighs more than 5 kg, or the volumetric weight equivalent of the package causes it to be rated at more than 5 kg, you are charged for the additional weight. You are also charged if you add any options, such as extra liability coverage or signature, to the shipment.
    • Q. Can I send my item outside of Canada?
      No. Free Shipping Tuesdays items must be sent within Canada.
    • Q. I don’t have a printer, can my local post office print my Free Shipping Tuesdays label?
      Yes, your email receipt will have a code that the retail agent can scan from your smartphone or tablet and print the label for you when you bring your parcel to the counter.
    • Q. How do I cancel my label?
      You can log in to Snap Ship to cancel your label. If you used the promo code, you will not be able to apply it to any other package on that day.
    • Q. Do I have to get my shipment into the mail on Tuesday?
      No. You must create the shipment on Free Shipping Tuesdays, but you can deposit it in a postal box or at a postal outlet on another day.
    • Q. Why wasn’t I offered Parcel pickup when I created my shipment in Snap Ship?
      The service is not available in some areas. Check if it is available at your address.
    • Q. Can I get free Parcel pickup on a day other than Tuesday?
      Yes. On Free Shipping Tuesdays, you can pick any of the days that the Parcel pickup calendar shows as available for pickup. But remember, your label must be created using Canada Post Snap Ship, and the pickup must occur between Oct 1 and November 12.
    • Q. I didn’t use the promotion code on Tuesday. Can I use it today instead?
      Unfortunately, the promotion code is effective only on specified Tuesdays from midnight to 11:59 pm Eastern Time, and is not available any other day.
    • Q. Is this promotion available at retail locations, when I present my Solutions for Small Business card?
      This offer was developed to promote Canada Post’s Snap Ship online tool, and is only available when preparing your shipping label online using Snap Ship. If you have a Solutions for Small Business account, you can use your business username and password to take advantage of the promotion, or set up an online business profile and link it to your existing customer number.
    • Q. If the parcel gets returned for any reason, does the promotion also cover the cost of the return?
      No. The offer covers the cost of one free outbound Xpresspost or Expedited Parcels each of the Tuesdays specified and does not cover the cost of a return.
    • Q. I’ve entered the Promo code, but it’s not working. Why?

      There are multiple reasons you might be having trouble with your Promo code. To fix the problem:

      • Make sure you’re using Snap Ship, and not any other shipping tools.
      • Ensure you are only selecting the Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel services.
      • Verify you haven’t already used your Promo code.
      • Check your Promo code and make sure you are entering it exactly as shown. No spaces or special characters!
      • Ensure you have clicked apply to activate the free offer on one label only
      • Are you using the Promo code after Tuesday has ended? Codes only work on the Tuesday they were issued, from 12 am to 11:59 pm Eastern Time.
      • Still having trouble? Get in touch with customer support.
    • Q. I live in western Canada, and the Promo code isn’t working.
      Promo codes are effective from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm Eastern time. If you have missed the promotional period this Tuesday, make sure to take advantage of your next Free Shipping Tuesday!
    • Q. This is a free promotion, but I see a $1.00 charge on my credit card for shipping and pick up fees. What’s up?
      Don’t worry! These are only holds that Canada Post will put on your card for 7 days. They will not be processed as charges.
    • Q. I decided that I would like to take advantage of the pickup promo after I completed my order. How do I do so?
      Unfortunately, the free pickup promo is only available at the time of purchase using the Snap Ship tool.

    Didn't find the answer you are looking for? Try our customer support.