It’s always the right time to make someone’s day

Write Here. Write Now.

A short note goes a long way

Canada Post is delivering a prepaid postcard to every household in Canada. Mail yours to anyone you want, anywhere in Canada, for free.

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Writing a letter is easy

You can tell someone you’re thinking about them. Include a photo or a kid’s drawing. Draw a little doodle and even seal it with a lipstick kiss!

It only takes 10 minutes.

Share a memory

“Remember the time…”

Tell them the kids’latest

“You won’t believe…”

Let them know how you’re doing

“It’s been fun learning how to…”

Share your latest hobbies

“I never thought baking cookies could be so...”

Share something you’re excited about

“Next month I’m…”

Writing inspiration

Make it even more special


Get Personal

Create your own stamp with a favourite photo.

Personalize a stamp

Share your child’s art

Wow friends and family with postcards you create.

Make a postcard

Help them write back

Make it easy: include a stamped envelope

Buy stamped envelopes

You don’t need much to send a letter!

All you need is...

A letter is deposited in a mailbox

A stamp

One stamp works for up to 5 sheets of paper* (30 g).

An envelope

Start with a letter-sized envelope.

An address

Ask your loved ones for their address in a call or text. If you only have a partial address, Canada Post can help you complete it.

A mailbox

Drop your letter in a community mailbox or at your local post office.

Whoosh! Your letter is on its way.

All the details...


A postcard is a quick, fun way to show you care.

Minimum size is 5.5 by 3.5 inches (140 mm by 90 mm) and up to 9.6 by 6.1 inches (245 mm by 156 mm) before it needs extra postage, when sending within Canada. You can find dimensions, weight and rates for U.S. and international postcards here.

Don’t have a postcard handy? Pop into a nearby card shop, or buy pre-stamped ones at a post office or online. You can create one yourself by uploading a favourite photo or doodle.

Create a postcard


Shop for mail supplies, like prepaid envelopes, in our online store and get all the info you need to choose the right envelope.

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Standard envelopes

Save on postage by using standard-size envelopes. They measure up to a maximum of 245 mm by 156 mm (9.6 inches by 6.1 inches), can be up to 5 mm thick when filled, and can weigh up to 50 g when filled.

Standard envelopes

Non-standard and oversize envelopes

Oversize or non-standard size envelopes and postcards can weigh 0 g to 50 g once filled. They exceed 245 mm by 156 mm (9.6 inches by 6.1 inches) but cannot exceed 380 mm by 270 mm (15 inches by 10.6 inches). They can be up to 20 mm thick when filled. They will cost you more in postage than standard envelopes.

Learn more about oversize mail.

Prepaid envelopes

Buy now, ship later with our convenient prepaid, standard-size envelopes.

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Need help addressing your letter? We’ve got tips and tools to help.

Have a partial address?

Our AddressComplete tool can help you fill in the blanks.

Try Address Complete

Don’t know the postal code?

We can help!

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Properly address a letter within Canada

10-123 1/2 MAIN ST SE
The Addressee (First Line)
Civic Address (Second-last Line)
Municipality, Province and Postal Code (Last Line)


You can use stamps to send letters, cards and other lightweight papers. Need some? We sell them online and in our post offices.

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Stamp Rates

Pay the right amount for your postage

Rates depend on the destination (within Canada or beyond), weight and the size of your item. Check out our standard and oversize dimensions below.

Save on stamps by buying booklets or coils

Standard stamp rates within Canada

Up to 5 sheets of paper weighing up to 30 g

  • $1.07/stamp
  • $0.92/stamp in a booklet

Up to 9 sheets of paper weighing 30 g to 50 g

  • $1.30/stamp

Oversize mail

Special postage is required for items such as large documents, oversized envelopes, and heavy cards.

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Once you’ve sealed and stamped your letter or postcard, mail it at a regular mailbox, community mailbox or post office.

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Delivery Time Standards

Delivery time standards for regular mail sent within Canada are:

  • An average of 2 business days for local mail
  • An average of 3 business days within the province
  • An average of 4 business days for national mail

These timeframes are not guaranteed as weather and mail volume can affect delivery times.


When you take the time to share, you can always be there.


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