Send mail to its destination with the right postage

    Use postage stamps to send letters, cards and other light-weight papers. Pricing is based on the destination, weight and size of your item. Save money when you buy booklets or coils of stamps at a stamp retailer or online.

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    Postage rates

    See postage rates according to the item’s weight and delivery speeds (in business days) for various destinations.


    Delivery speed
    Within a city or town: 2 days2
    Within a province: 3 days2
    Across provinces: 4 days2

    Price of a stamp1
    $1.00/stamp (0–30 g) or
    $0.85/stamp in a booklet
    $1.20/stamp (30–50 g)
    $1.80/stamp (50–100 g)


    Delivery speed
    4–6 days2

    Price of a stamp1
    $1.20/stamp (0–30 g)
    $1.80/stamp (30–50 g)
    $2.95/stamp (50–100 g)


    Delivery speed
    4–7 days2

    Price of a stamp1
    $2.50/stamp (0–30 g) 
    $3.60/stamp (30–50 g) 
    $5.90/stamp (50–100 g)

    Larger letter mail

    If the item you’re sending is a little bit heavier than the standard size (0-50 g), it’s considered over-size and the postage rate will differ. You can use our online rate tool to get postage rates for heavier letter mail. Note that the maximum weight for letters is 100 g.
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    How to use old postage

    Older stamps displaying money values can still be used on your mail. If you have enough to equal the current stamp price, use them as you would use the new, permanent stamps. If you need more to make up the difference in postage, you can get it at your post office.