Prepare your parcel at home for shipping in Canada

    Save time at the post office by preparing your parcel at home. With Ship-in-a-clickTM, you can choose a shipping service, pay and print off a shipping label for your package before dropping it off in a street letter box, parcel drop box, or at a post office. For sending within Canada only.

    Buy a shipping label

    How to use Ship-in-a-click

    1. Measure your package
      See our measuring tips below.
    2. Fill out the online form
      Enter the sender and receiver addresses, and the dimensions and weight of the item.
    3. Choose your shipping service and optional add-ons
      Select the delivery speed you want and any optional services, such as signature on delivery.
    4. Pay online
      Pay online with your credit card.
    5. Print your shipping label
      Make sure you don’t adjust the size of the label. You can print a sample label first if you like.
    6. Tape the label on your package
      Affix the label with the barcode and the address on the flat side of your parcel without wrapping it. Take care not to cover the barcode with tape for easy scanning.
    7. Drop it off
      Drop your package off at the post office or a street letter box. You can track your package online.

    Measuring your item

    Measure your item’s dimensions and if you have a scale, weigh your parcel. Parcels should be big enough to fit a barcode on one side without it wrapping. Please note that packaging requirements apply. See our help page for requirement details and tips on measuring and comparable weights.

    Compact disc (CD)

    0.02 kg/0.04 lb

    Teddy bear (small)

    0.2 kg/0.5 lb

    Book (paperback)

    0.3 kg/0.66 lb


    0.3 kg/0.66 lb

    Looking to ship internationally?

    At this time, shipping isn’t available online for international destinations. Visit a post office to send your parcel outside of Canada.