Safety First

Safety is our top priority all year!

Canada Post is proud to deliver your mail and parcels. Our delivery agents visit your home or business all year and in every kind of weather. It’s important that they can safely access your mailbox or front door

Although winter is the time of year that often presents more hazardous conditions, our delivery agents are exposed to risks year-round. For this fact, we work hard to promote and encourage diligence by our agents as well as our customers, every day, all year-round.

Our goal is to provide the best delivery service possible—no matter the weather—but we must rely on your help. Keeping paths to your mailbox or front door clear of any debris is essential to helping our delivery agents do their jobs safely and efficiently. Please consider these important points to improve the safety of mail delivery all year:

  • Clear walkway and driveway of any obstacles
  • Keep your stairs, handrails and mailbox in good condition and free of obstructions
  • Add traction strips to freshly painted stairs or slippery surfaces
  • Prune hedges and overhanging tree branches
  • Remove hornet, wasp or bee hives
  • When driving, obey speed limits and traffic crossings
  • Keep pets away from the mailbox to ensure safe mail delivery.

Check out our safety tips for more information.