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Nothing is more important than reaching your customers with relevant messages and offers, and direct mail achieves that through its personalized and targeted nature. However, it's crucial to communicate your message through a number of different channels, which is why we're proud to offer you a new targeted online solution. CentrSource and Canada Post have teamed up to bring you a new site where you can present your offers, products and services directly to local customers. Learn more about CentrSource.

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The Value of Direct Mail

Direct Mail offers marketers more “real estate” to tell a story and overcome a prospect’s objections

Direct Mail can bring a brand to life through a tactile, three dimensional customer experience

Because of its measurability, marketers can easily determine the return on investment of a Direct Mail campaign

What helps your Direct Mail piece
get opened?

Your simple checklist.

  • Timing – mail to prospects when their need for the
    product or service is greatest
  • Attention grabbing – customer’s name appears on
    the package, customer can feel something
    in the package, package looks interesting, official or important
  • Perks – consider a special offer or discount, free gift