Municipal Amalgamation Data Product

Stay up-to-date with the changing Canadian landscape.


  • Keep track of your customers when their addresses change.
  • Keep your mailing lists clean and current.
  • Lower costs by avoiding redelivery.

How does municipal amalgamation affect me?

In recent years, due to municipal amalgamations, tens of thousands of Canadians have changed addresses without moving.

Our Municipal Amalgamation Data Product offers you updated address information for amalgamated municipalities, cross-referencing old and new addresses and enabling you to keep your mailing lists current and clean.

How can I take advantage of the Municipal Amalgamation Data Product?

You must sign a license agreement to have access to this data.

Price: $6,000/year

If you have questions, please contact us or call 1 877-281-4137.

Not only can you lower your costs by avoiding redelivery, you can also help reduce fuel emissions associated with the delivery process.