Government Services

Access some government services at the Post Office.

To help you access some government programs, Canada Post offers a number of services for your convenience. For more detailed information contact your local Post Office.

Passport applications and tax forms

Passport applications and tax forms can be picked up at your local Post Office. Along with providing the forms for passport applications, a number our Post Offices receive, verify and accept passport applications. Find a Post Office near you that accepts passport applications.

Passport applications - June 1, 2009 deadline!

Starting June 1, 2009, a U.S. law will require Canadians to present a valid passport to enter the United States by water or land. If you don't have a passport, avoid the rush and apply for your passport today to ensure you have it when you need it. Remember, the passport is the recommended travel and identification document for all Canadian travellers. To apply for your passport, or to find a service location near you, please visit Passport Canada or call 1-800-567-6868.

Government Mail Free of Postage

Government Mail Free of Postage allows mail to be sent to and from the following individuals free of postage provided that both the sender and receiver are in Canada:

  • the Governor General
  • the Speaker or Clerk of the Senate or House of Commons
  • the Parliamentary Librarian or the Associate Parliamentary Librarian
  • Members of the Senate
  • Members of the House of Commons
  • the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner or Senate Ethics Officer.

Find out more about Government Mail Free of Postage.