Incentive Lettermail

Access lower rates when you send large volumes of mail within Canada that meet our preparation requirements.

Photo of Incentive Lettermail
  • Available to all Commercial customers who send large volumes of mail.
  • Save when you prepare your mail according to our specifications.
  • With over 14 million Canadian addresses, we deliver your mail wherever it needs to go
  • Leverage mail, especially invoices and statements, as monthly one-on-one meetings with each customer—a great way to build trust, loyalty and repeat business.

Get access to incentive rates

Are you mailing 500 items or more? Incentive rates are available for customers with a Canada Post contract who prepare and sort their mail according to specific guidelines. Send almost anything—invoices, bills, newsletters, correspondence, surveys, and promotional CDs/DVDs are just a few of the possibilities.

What is Incentive Lettermail service?

Incentive Lettermail™ is a category of Lettermail service that consists of large volumes of identical items. By meeting mail preparation requirements, you'll have access to lower prices than you would using Lettermail service.

Is Incentive Lettermail right for you?

To qualify for Incentive Lettermail pricing and services, you are required to:

  • Sign a contract to become a commercial customer.
  • Use our Electronic Shipping Tools to prepare your Orders (Statements of Mailing).
  • Ensure the addresses in your database are accurate.
  • Ensure items are sealed, and meet specifications for size, weight and address readability, among other things.
  • Prepare and induct Incentive Lettermail according to the requirements described in the Incentive Lettermail Customer Guide and Mail Preparation and Presortation Guides

There are 2 categories of Incentive Lettermail: Machineable and Presort:

Lettermail Type Description Minimum items

Mail you prepare so that it can be efficiently processed through our automated mail processing equipment. Depending on the size, shape and weight, your mail will be classified and priced as either Standard or Oversize. (See Size and weight formats explained for information on Standard and Oversize Lettermail.)

Mail you sort by Postal Code and place in containers so that it can skip some steps in our distribution network. Depending on the size, shape and weight, your mail will be classified and priced as either Standard or Oversize.

Size and weight formats explained

Standard Machineable/Presort
Standard Lettermail cards, postcards, envelopes and self-mailers MIN 140 mm 90 mm 0.18 mm 1.3 : 1 2 g*


245 mm

156 mm

5 mm

2.6 : 1

50 g for Machineable
50 g for Presort
Standard (Machineable)
Square Envelopes
MIN 140 mm 140 mm 0.18 mm N/A 2 g
MAX 156 mm 156 mm 5 mm N/A 50 g
Oversize Machineable/Presort
MIN 140 mm 90 mm 0.5 mm N/A 10g for Machineable
5 g for Presort
MAX 380 mm 270 mm 20 mm 500 g

1. Some items, like loose coins, pens, seeds and powders, cannot be mailed as Standard Lettermail, but they can be mailed as Oversize Lettermail. Read the list of items that cannot be sent as Standard Lettermail.

2. Aspect ratio is the relationship between the length and the width. Cards and self-mailers must be rectangular in shape and not square. Square cards and self-mailers are subject to Other (Oversize) Lettermail rates.

* Cards and Postcards should weigh enough to provide the stiffness needed to withstand processing without difficulty.

Any item that exceeds the maximum Lettermail size or weight may qualify for one of our Parcel services.

Rates & prices

Incentive Lettermail pricing varies by size, weight and type. View pricing.

Ready to get started with Incentive Lettermail? First, sign a contract to become a commercial customer.

What's included

Incentive Lettermail service includes the following features at no extra charge:

Mail Forwarding
If an addressee has moved and has submitted a Mail Forwarding request to Canada Post, then mail items will be forwarded as long as the notification is in effect.

Return to sender
Be sure to include a return address on every Incentive Lettermail item so that if an item is undeliverable, or the addressee has moved and has not submitted a Mail Forwarding request, we can return the item to you. Returned mail can help your organization keep your mailing list current and accurate. Note: If the return address is on the inside of the item, we'll return it for a fee.

What's extra

The following option is available for a nominal charge:

Do not forward
For sensitive information, get mail items returned to you rather than forwarded if the addressee has moved.

Read more about the Do Not Forward option.

Download the Do Not Forward endorsement.

Pricing for Do Not Forward option.

What can I send by Incentive Lettermail service?

Incentive Lettermail service is typically used to send:

  • bills
  • invoices
  • notices
  • statements
  • letters
  • newsletters
  • cards
  • postcards
  • financial reports
  • proxies
  • surveys
  • voter notifications
  • receipts
  • media discs (e.g. CDs and DVDs)
  • product and service information

When will it get there?

Incentive Lettermail 2 business days 3 business days 4 business days

Some conditions apply. See the Customer Guide – General Terms and Conditions.

How to prepare your mail – step-by-step instructions

To prepare your machineable mail:

  1. Choose the right container – lettertainers and letterflatainers (LFTs) for standard mail items, and flats tubs for oversize mail items.
  2. Place the mail properly in containers – it helps our automated equipment function smoothly.
  3. Label the containers – it ensures that mail items are directed to the appropriate location within our facilities.
  4. Make up monotainer and pallet – they make it easier to move the mail.
  5. Deposit the mail – at an approved site with required documentation.

See the Mail Preparation and Presortation Guide for Machineable Mail for a more detailed description of these steps.

To prepare your presorted mail:

  1. Sequence the mail – the presortation software will generate address labels in order by Postal Codes, delivery mode codes and alphanumeric sequencing.
  2. Group the mail – this involves segregating the mail, including labelling for some groupings.
  3. Place the groupings in containers – arrange the items in the containers so they face the same way.
  4. Label the containers – it allows us to direct mail to the right place within our facilities and/or a downstream destination.
  5. Make up monotainers and pallets – they make it easier to move the mail and maintain the integrity of the presortation.
  6. Prepare the Mailing Summary – it provides the details about your mailing, such as the software used to perform the presortation and how many containers your mailing has.
  7. Deposit the mail.

See the Mail Preparation and Presortation Guide for Presorted Mail for a more detailed description of these steps.

Why use Incentive Lettermail service?

Fast, cost-effective and convenient, mail is a great way to:

  • Build trust, loyalty and repeat business.
  • Reach your customers anywhere in Canada—over 34 million addresses.
  • Communicate with your customer as mail gets opened and read.
  • Communicate complex messages or information.
  • Reduce calls to your call centre.
  • Keep customers informed about product or service changes.
  • Cross-sell or upsell existing customers to new or additional products and services.

Tips for success

Get more value from the envelope
If you're already sending a letter or a bill, why not throw in a flyer, a newsletter or some other piece of sales information? If it weighs less than 30 grams, it won't cost extra.

Folding = Savings
If you're using an oversized envelope, consider folding the items you're mailing and fitting them into a standard # 10 envelope. This simple step can cut your postage costs by more than half.

Think of your envelope as ad space
Design your envelope with your customers in mind. Advertising messages, logos and attention-grabbing graphics all serve to make a striking first impression. If you use a postage meter, your message can also be incorporated into your meter impression.

Boost response with return envelopes
Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you. Include a prepaid response vehicle, like a pre-addressed stamped envelope or Business Reply Mail™ card.

Get it right the first time
The fastest way for us to deliver your Incentive Lettermail items is to sort them with our high-speed machines. To help us do this, make sure your mail is properly addressed, and that you have the correct Postal Code. Check our Addressing Guidelines to learn the most efficient way to address your mail.

Machines don't like staples
Not only are staples on the outside of an envelope potentially dangerous for people handling your mail, they can slow down delivery time.


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Call toll-free 1-866-757-5480

Outside standard business hours
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To help ensure the highest quality of support, please have your customer number handy when you call or be sure to include it in any email correspondence—it's your key to even better and faster service!

Do your part for the environment and ensure your paper and envelopes are made from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources—request that they bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label.

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