Features and Options for Shipping Services

Making the shipping process convenient and hassle-free.

Collect On Delivery (COD) (available for shipments within Canada only)

Our Collect on Delivery service allows recipients to pay the amount due upon delivery of their mail item. The COD amount can be paid in cash, debit, credit, certified cheque, and also by bank draft. COD service is available for transactions up to $5,000 by certified cheque or bank draft, and up to $1,000 for cash.

For more information, please visit Postal Services Information.

Delivery updates by email

You can stay connected with your customers and keep them informed by sending them automatic email updates on the delivery status of their shipments. Delivery updates are available for most shipping services, including Priority, Xpresspost, Tracked Packet, Expedited Parcel, Xpresspost-USA, Expedited Parcel-USA and Xpresspost-International.

  • Customers have convenient access to delivery information from anywhere they can access their email.
  • Request delivery updates for up to 4 different email addresses, ensuring that everyone stays informed.
  • Personalize your emails with marketing messages and promotional content.

There are 3 different kinds of delivery updates by email:

Ship update
Tells you when your item is received by Canada Post.

Exception update
Informs you about any unforeseen delivery interruptions, such as items that are returned to sender.

Delivery update
Tells you when the recipient has received a Delivery Notice Card, when your item has been delivered, and when you can view the signature image and signatory name online.

Select your preferred method of shipping below to learn how to request your delivery updates.

  1. Express Order Entry – Ship in Canada
  2. Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) Online
  3. Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) Desktop
  4. If you ship your items manually using prepaid envelopes or labels, or by visiting a Post Office, request delivery updates by email using Track. Enter your tracking number, select Track, and then select Request Delivery Updates by Email. Complete the required fields and select Submit.

Liability coverage

When shipping items anywhere around the world, you can request additional liability coverage to protect against loss or damage. Most shipping services include up to $100 liability coverage. Additional coverage is available in increments of $100 (up to $5,000 for most domestic shipments and up to $1,000 for U.S.A. and international items), depending on the destination.

Please refer to Postal Services Information for more information.

On-time delivery guarantee

We are committed to delivering your shipments on time. However, if we are unable to meet the published guaranteed delivery standard, replacement service or equivalent credit is available. We also offer a money-back guarantee in cooperation with FedEx for Priority Worldwide items. Terms and conditions apply.

Please refer to the Parcel Services Customer Guide (effective Oct. 1, 2012) for more information.

Signature, signatory name and signature hard copy

Requesting a signature on delivery is ideal when you require proof that your mail item has been delivered. A signature image is captured and can be viewed online by entering the item’s tracking number.

Within Canada
The signature option is included at no extra charge for items delivered with Priority and available with most other services for an additional fee.

Delivery to the U.S.A. and internationally
Instead of being able to view the actual signature image online, only the name of the individual who signed for the item will be available for viewing online.

The signatory name option is included at no extra charge for Priority Worldwide items and Xpresspost-International prepaid envelopes, and is available for a fee for Xpresspost–International items sent to specific destinations.

Signature hard copy
If you requested the signature option and require a hard copy of the name and signature, we will send you the signature copy within 3 business days for an additional fee. This option is available for shipments within Canada and with Priority Worldwide service. Please see Postal Services Information for more information.

Parcel pickup online

Schedule regular parcel pickups (commercial customers only) or request an on demand pickup (all commercial, general business and VentureOne™ customers).

Learn more about pickup.

Tracking and delivery confirmation

To ensure that you always know the location and status of your mail item, we scan bar codes and track parcels at the following stages of delivery:

  1. When a shipping order is created electronically, either at a Post Office, through our electronic shipping system, or through an electronic shipping system developed by a third-party.
  2. When an item is picked up from its original location (and there are fewer than 50 items).
  3. When an item is inducted at Post Office.
  4. When an item enters a processing facility, where it is sorted and directed to its destination.
  5. When an item reaches the final stages of the delivery process and is "Out for Delivery".
  6. When an item has successfully been delivered or is deemed undeliverable.
  7. When a notice card is left to indicate where the item can be picked up.
  8. When an item is not deliverable because it has been shipped to the wrong address, or if the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, or if the item has been left unclaimed at a Post Office.

Tracking information is usually available by noon the following business day, either online.


See which features and options are available for specific services; choose your destination:

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Or, review Postal Services Information.

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