SmartFlow Document Management Services

Outsource customer and employee transactions—billing, payroll, T4s, mail returns, fulfillment and more.

What can SmartFlow do for you?

Move paper-based processes online. Streamline operations. Save time. Cut costs. Manage your returned mail. Expedite response times. Increase customer satisfaction.

By Solution


SmartFlow™ Send is a Canada Post service that allows you to send your billing, payroll and customer care documents by mail or electronically. Learn more.


SmartFlow™ Recover is a Canada Post service that collects, sorts and scans your undelivered and returned mail, captures key information and provides it to you electronically so you can update your records and reconnect with customers. Learn more.


SmartFlow™ Respond is a Canada Post service that collects, processes and responds to customer communications on your behalf—usually within 48 hours. We can handle applications, claims, orders, questionnaires and requests for information—through web or mail requests. Learn more.

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Success stories

"We needed a user-friendly online billing application and Canada Post's SmartFlow was the most flexible. The team shared our vision of putting our customer needs first."

- Rogers Communications

"Canada Post provided the next-generation secure messaging our team needed."

- Health Canada