SmartFlow Recover

Extracting valuable data from your returned and undelivered mail.


What is SmartFlow Recover?

SmartFlow™ Recover collects, sorts and scans your undelivered and returned mail, captures key information from the envelope or from the enclosed piece, and provides you with the data in electronic format. You can then update your records and reduce mailing costs by improving list accuracy.


  • Maintain cash flow and reduce outstanding balances and bad debts by reconnecting with customers faster.
  • Reduce mailing costs by improving list accuracy and suppressing incorrect or outdated customer records.
  • Recover valuable and reusable marketing materials such as product samples or marketing kits.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reconnecting with customers faster.
  • Protect your customers’ private information by ensuring that returned and undelivered mail does not end up in a landfill or a recycle bin.

How SmartFlow Recover works

  1. SmartFlow Recover collects bills, statements and other mail that does not reach its intended recipient—either due to an incorrect or incomplete address or a move.
  2. The envelope and/or the enclosed documents are scanned to capture key information, such as the name, address and customer number.
  3. Captured data is then provided to you electronically along with a reason for the return, where possible. You can then update your records and reconnect with customers, and suppress incorrect or outdated customer records for future mailings.
  4. We can then store, recycle, destroy or return the mail to you, depending on your requirements.

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"SmartFlow Recover freed up more than $100,000 for programs, education and communications for our members and the kids in Canada."

- Canadian Wildlife Federation

"The use of SmartFlow Recover enabled us to update 21% of all of the mail returns related to our mass mailing. In addition to updating our database, the solution helped us optimize the workload of our processing centre."

- National Bank of Canada

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