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Machineable Mail Advisor is great for designing Standard/Short and Long (S/L) and Oversize (O/S) mailings for LettermailTM, Incentive LettermailTM (Machineable and Presort), Canada Post Personalized MailTM (formerly Addressed AdmailTM) (Machineable Mail) and Publications MailTM (Machineable Mail).

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    Download a template in either PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator format

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    Preview templates with addressing and graphics guidelines

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    Boost the marketing appeal of your mailing by learning about best practices in colour/font selection and graphics placement

Video tutorials:

Featured Video

Featured Video

How does mail move through our postal network?

What can the Machineable Mail Advisor do for you? Watch this video to find out.

Building a Better Post Office

It's an exciting time for Canada Post. At Canada Post, we're reinventing ourselves as the Modern Post. All across the country, we're building new plants and renovating old ones, introducing state-of-the-art sorting equipment and the latest mail processing technology.. We're improving our operations to serve you better, now and into the future.

Automation is the key to this change. Our new 'multi-line' sorting machines can process mail about 25 per cent faster than the old models, and sequence it to a much finer degree. But that's not all. Driven by our centralized computer system, our new machines can read addresses and sort mail right into the hands of the letter carrier who will be delivering it. By fine-tuning our productivity, we'll be able to offer you more efficient service, enhanced offerings, and a whole new postal experience.

One of the service enhancements you'll be seeing is 'inline' redirection. That means mail redirection will become much faster, because mail destined to a person that has a Change of Address Notification in effect, will automatically be identified and re-routed by our sorting machines. You'll also see improved address management and a selection of new service offerings.

But if your mail isn't "machineable"-that is, if it can't be machine-read and processed by our sorting equipment-you'll miss out on all these benefits.

So we've developed the Machineable Mail Advisor to help you out. This self-serve, online tool teaches you how to design creative, machine-friendly mailings. And did we mention it's easy? Just click your way through these four simple steps:

Step 1:
Choose a mail format, either an envelope or card.

Click on the image of your choice.

Step 2:
Choose a mail category that best suits your design. For example, envelopes fall into two size categories: Standard or Short and Long and Oversize. Your envelope may have a single window, multiple windows, or no windows at all. If you're not sure what you need, browse our carousel of popular envelopes, located at the top of the screen.

Step 3:
Once you've chosen a mail category, explore our gallery of design templates. Images of all available envelopes and cards are on display here, along with information about their dimensions.

Click on your selection.

Step 4:
Preview a design template of the item you've selected. You can also view different layout options of the same piece on its thumbnail. Notice that each template has built-in guidelines. For each image, you can select front and back views and views that outline Address Zones or Quiet Zones. Here you can also view the piece with sample artwork.

Now that you have the foundation for a print-friendly machineable mail item complete with built-in guidelines, it's time to download your template. Choose between PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator formats. Then open it with your own design software and upload your artwork. It's that simple.

To learn more about machineable mail, watch the educational videos available on each page of the tool, or browse through the information in the four resources tabs.

Machineable Mail Advisor has the information you need to create great-looking and fully machineable mail. Welcome to the Modern Post.

What is "machineable" mail?

It’s mail that meets our machineable standards so that it can move through and be read by our automated processing equipment.

What is the Machineable Mail Advisor?

Machineable Mail Advisor is a self-serve online resource centre that helps you design creative, machine-friendly mail. Thanks to this new tool, it’s easier (and more fun) than ever to make your mail machineable.