December 25, 2017 HO HO HO Hello! Well bless my buttons, I think last night‛s journey was our best yet! We had a wonderful flight. The weather was very co-operative and we set a new record for completing our route in record time. Rudolph and his team were perfect. I am so lucky to have them. Today we are all going to go outside to play. Christmas Day is the one day when we all just relax and have fun. No workshop duties. No training for Rudolph and his team. No toy-designing for Mrs. Claus. We‛ll play outside for a long time – we will go ice skating, play hockey, make snowmen and snow forts! It will be so much fun... When the sun begins to set, we‛ll walk down to the village to our favourite restaurant for a Christmas dinner. After dinner (and a long walk home to work off all the dessert I will eat!) we‛ll watch a movie. This year the elves have said they want to watch “Miracle on 34th Street”. This is my favourite movie. Can you imagine someone NOT believing in Santa? HO HO HO, that‛s the silliest thing I‛ve ever heard. It‛s going to be a great day. Tomorrow we will start cleaning the workshop and taking stock of the toy- making material. Then it‛s off for a little vacation. After all the hullabaloo of the last few weeks before Christmas, we deserve a little holiday. I wanted to say a hearty HO HO HO and thank you to everyone who wrote to me this year. Reading letters from all the boys and girls is the best part of our day. Mrs. Claus loves all the drawings that are sent and the elves love reading all the jokes and stories! Letters truly are the most magical thing that happens at the North Pole! We all hope you write to us again next year. Any time after November 1 will find the North Pole Post Office open and ready to go! You should know that I sprinkled some very special magic sparkly dust over every home on Christmas Eve. It is known to bring good luck and goodwill. I hope 2018 is a fantastic year for everyone! Bless you all, and to all a good night. Your friend,