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Community Mail Boxes - Request new keys, or get replacements for lost or broken keys

New to the neighbourhood and need your keys?

If you recently moved into a neighborhood where mail is delivered to a Community Mail Box, here's what to do:

  1. Fill out the form that starts below. We will assign you a Community Mail Box and change the locks.
  2. We will leave a Delivery Notice Card on your front door indicating the location of the Post Office where you can pick up your keys.
  3. Bring the Delivery Notice Card, government-issued photo identification and proof of residence when you pick up your keys.

Request keys online

Did you know?

  • It costs $29 plus tax to replace lost or stolen keys. To avoid these charges, have copies of your key made at a hardware store or locksmith.
  • We do not provide and maintain locks and keys for apartment, group (green), or business mailroom mailboxes.