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Basic Site

The website can be displayed in a basic version, stripped of all nonessential visual elements such as graphics, link colours, text colour, background, etc. The basic version offers better accessibility for people with visual impairments and makes the content viewable for those who use mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDA) and cell phones. Access the basic version of any page by selecting the Basic Site link in the top right corner of every page. To go back to the graphic version, select the Standard Site link.


The search feature is located across the top of every page. It offers quick access to Canada Post-related information such as products, services and corporate news through bilingual keyword or phrase searches.

To search, simply enter a word or phrase that best describes the information you want to find and select Search. A list is generated displaying results with web pages related to your search terms.

Note: It is best to keep your search terms to a minimum. The more words you include, the more difficult it is to find a match.


Located at the top right-hand corner of every page, the Français link provides a quick way to access the website in French.