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Features and Options for Parcel Services

Get the most from our parcel services by understanding the features and options that make up our services.


  • Definitions of our most common features and options
  • How to find a parcel service with the features and options you’re looking for

On-time delivery guarantee

We get it there when we said we would or your money back.

Tracking and delivery confirmation

We assign tracking numbers to almost all parcels and track them as they travel through our network. Just enter your tracking number into Track for the latest results and to get delivery updates and confirm when your parcel reaches its destination.

Delivery updates by email

We’ll email you tracking updates and inform you if there are any unforeseen delivery interruptions. If you ship your items using prepaid envelopes or labels, or by visiting a Post Office, request delivery updates by email using Track. You can add up to 4 email addresses. To get started, enter your tracking number, select Track, and then select Request Delivery Updates by Email.

Liability coverage

Most parcel services include up to $100 coverage for loss or damage. You can request additional coverage (up to $5,000 for most shipments within Canada and up to $1,000 for U.S.A. and international items), depending on the destination.

Signature options

Requesting a signature on delivery is ideal when you require proof that your item has been delivered.

Signature image
For shipping services within Canada where the signature option is available, a signature image is captured and can be viewed online by entering the item’s tracking number in Track.

Signatory name
For deliveries to the U.S.A. and internationally where the signature option is available, instead of being able to view the actual signature image online, only the name of the individual who signed for the item will be available for viewing online.

Signature hard copy
If you requested the signature option and require a hard copy of the name and signature, for an additional fee we will send you the signature copy within 3 business days.

Collect on Delivery (COD)

For a fee, Collect on Delivery allows a sender to collect an amount of money from a receiver upon delivery of a parcel (for shipments within Canada).

Receiving a parcel COD

  1. Pay the amount specified by the sender using the method of payment specified by the sender (cash, cheque, money order, certified cheque).
  2. We’ll hand over your parcel and securely send payment to the sender using Xpresspost™.

Sending a parcel COD

  1. Select a shipping service: Priority™ Next A.M., Xpresspost or Regular Parcel™.
  2. Specify the COD amount. It can cover charges directly related to your item, including: the value of the item, postage, COD fee, sales taxes, etc.
  3. Specify whether the recipient pays by cash, cheque, money order or certified cheque.
  4. We’ll collect payment from your recipient and send it to you by Xpresspost service. (Cash payments will be converted to money orders.)

COD fee
The COD fee is $7.25 plus shipping fees (paid by sender).

COD amount
COD is available for transactions of up to $25,000 for payment by cheque or money order, and up to $1,000 for payment by cash.

Rates & prices

To get specific pricing information about your item including costs for various options and comparison pricing among our parcel services, use Find a Rate.

Find a parcel service with the features and options you want

To see which features and options are available for specific services, choose your destination:


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