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Mail Delivery

From home delivery to community mailboxes, from urban centres to the rural outskirts, Canada Post delivers from coast to coast to coast.


Mail Delivery

  • We deliver more than 10 billion messages and parcels to over 14 million addresses in Canada.

  • Our distribution network has more than 7,000 Post Offices, 17,000 stamp retailers and a fleet of approximately 6,800 vehicles.

How Canadians receive mail

Household Delivery "To the door" delivery through mail slots or to outside mail receptacles.
Community or Group Mailbox Each locked compartment serves one household. Each Community Mail Box also provides some compartments for parcel delivery as well as a mail slot for outgoing letters. Learn more...
Postal Box Also referred to as a Post Office Box or a PO Box, a Postal Box is a uniquely-addressable lockable box located in a Post Office. Learn more...
Apartment Delivery A centralized mailbox, usually in the lobby of a building, where residents have their own locked compartments.
Rural Delivery Mail delivery by vehicle to Canadians who live outside of urban and suburban areas.

Protecting your mail

Minimize the opportunities for mail theft by following a few simple steps:

  • Pick up your mail as soon as possible after it has been delivered.
  • If you're planning a holiday, have someone pick up your mail daily or take advantage of our Hold Mail service.
  • If you receive mail that's not yours, do one of the following and then mail the item:
    • If the mail has been delivered incorrectly, write "delivered to wrong address" on the envelope.
    • If addressed to someone not living at your address, write "not at this address."
  • If you see suspicious activity, call the police.
  • If you see that a mailbox has been overturned or vandalized, contact us at 1-800-267-1177.

Delivery tips

Ensure efficient and uninterrupted mail delivery by following these tips:

Household Delivery

  • Keep your walkway free of obstacles and clear of ice and snow.
  • Ensure dogs are well restrained.
  • Ensure your mailbox or mail slot is in good working condition and does not have any sharp edges.

Community Mail Box, Postal Box and apartment delivery

  • Pick up your mail regularly.
  • Keep your keys in a safe place.
  • Make copies of your keys in case you lose the originals.

Rural delivery

  • Ensure your mailbox meets our installation requirements.
  • Keep your mailbox clear of snow and other obstacles such as parked vehicles.
  • Keep your mailbox in good working condition and ensure it does not have any sharp edges.