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Rent a Postal Box

A secure, private and affordable way for university and college students, frequent travelers or small businesses to receive mail.

A Postal Box is a locked compartment within a Post Office to which only you and the Post Office's Postmaster have access, providing a convenient and secure way to receive mail.

All mail addressed to your Postal Box address will be deposited there-except for any items that require a signature or are simply too large to fit into the compartment. And even in these cases, your mail is still secure: a notice will be left in your Postal Box advising you to pick up the items from the retail counter at the Post Office.

With almost 4,600 locations across Canada, five different sizes of Postal Box compartments and bag service for larger volumes of mail, Canada Post Postal Boxes service is a great way to help manage correspondence. For people who are away from home for long periods-such as college and university students and frequent travelers-a Postal Box offers the assurance that mail will not go missing.

How you can benefit from using a Postal Box?

  • It's secure. You don't have to worry if there's no one at home when your mail is delivered, or your mailbox is overflowing; with a Postal Box, your mail is always under lock and key.
  • It's convenient. You can collect your Postal Box mail when it's most convenient to you.

Rental rates and payments

To rent a Postal Box, you will first need to make a deposit for your keys. A requirement for all Postal Box rentals, a key deposit of $15.00 covers two keys for each Postal Box. If you require a 24-hour security access key (where available), enabling you to pick up your mail at any time, the deposit is $15.90 for one key. All key deposits are subject to applicable taxes and are fully refundable if you cancel your Postal Box rental and return all keys intact.

Payment for Postal Boxes must be made in advance for the selected rental period. Rates vary by the size of your Postal Box and by geographic location (urban versus rural Post Offices).

How do I know which Postal Box size is right for me?

The most important consideration is how much mail you expect to receive and what size of mail. You can choose an appropriately sized Postal Box from the chart below.

  • Small - Ideal for letter envelopes
  • Medium - Accommodates letter, legal, and large brown envelopes
  • Large to XX-Large - Accepts virtually all size letters, envelopes, and various sized parcels

How do I rent a Postal Box?

  1. Bring government-issued photo ID to the Post Office where you want to rent a Postal Box.
  2. Complete an agreement form for the rental.
  3. Pay using cash, debit or credit card, and then receive the keys to your Postal Box.

Can someone else pick up my mail?

If you would like someone else to have access to your Postal Box, we require a letter of authorization.

You can provide the letter when you rent your Postal Box or at a later date.

Cancellations and refunds

You are free to cancel your Postal Box rental at any time.* Consult your local Post Office for more information.

*Fees may apply. Check here.