How do I renew, cancel or amend my mail redirection service?


If you bought your change of address service online, you must also renew, cancel or amend it online. Likewise, if you purchased it at a Post Office, you must make any changes at a Post Office.

Amend - You can modify only the following: your email address, your phone number, your consent and the names (add or remove names).

Extend - You must request an extension before your service expires. If yours has already expired, purchase a new change of address service.

Cancel - You can cancel your service at any time.

What you can do

What you need to make changes online

  • Your reference number (included in the email confirmation you received when you first purchased the service)
  • Your password

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What you need to make changes at a Post Office

Bring government-issued ID and one of the following:

  • A piece of mail that has been redirected
  • The Change of Address form you received when you purchased your service
  • Your receipt
  • Your notification card

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Outside of Canada
If you bought your service at a Post Office, you can ask friends or family members to change your service for you. They will need:

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