Can you hold my mail for me while I’m away from my home or business?

  • You are leaving for a short time and want to stop your mail delivery while you’re away.
  • You have placed a hold on your mail but want to access it while the hold is in place.
  • You purchased our hold mail service which is now over but your mail has not been delivered yet.


Purchase our hold mail service and we’ll halt mail delivery during the time frame you specify. Once you return, we’ll deliver your mail to you.

You can also cancel your hold mail service to have your held mail delivered to you. If you purchased the service online, cancel your Hold Mail service online. You will need the reference number that was provided in the confirmation email you received when you signed up for the service. If you purchased the service at a Post Office, bring your request form to any Post Office.

Once the end date for your hold is reached, we will reinstate delivery to your address and deliver the mail we had been holding for you. Delivery is to begin the next business day; however in some rural areas it may take a couple of business days.

Have you tried...

  • Sign up for hold mail service online or purchase it at any Post Office.
  • To access your mail during the hold period:
    • Call us to request access
    • Cancel your Hold Mail service online or at a Post Office to have your held mail delivered.
  • If it’s been more than 2 business days since you reached your hold mail end date and you haven’t received your held mail, please call us.
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