Can I refuse to accept a letter or a parcel that is delivered to me?

  • You are expecting a letter or a parcel to be delivered but you no longer want it.
  • You have been made aware that a letter or parcel you sent has been refused.


We are required to deliver all items in the mail stream, but you can refuse an item upon delivery. Simply inform the delivery person that you do not wish to accept the item and it will be returned to sender.

If you have already received the item, you can still return it provided that the item has not been opened and no labels have been removed. Bring the item to any Post Office and state that you want the item returned to sender.

If an item you sent has been refused by the addressee the item will be returned to you using the same service you used to send it. The fees for the return service will be charged upon delivery of the item.

Have you tried...

  • You can refuse an item upon delivery by informing the delivery person.
  • You can bring the unopened item to a Post Office and request it be returned to sender.
  • To find out how long a return shipment will take from the date of refusal use Find a Rate. Allow 1 extra business day for return processing.