Is there anything I cannot send through the mail?

  • You have an item to send but you think that it may be classified as restricted or dangerous by mailing standards.
  • You have an item to send that is of considerable value or is fragile and you are unsure if it is acceptable to be mailed.
  • You have a parcel that is quite large or heavy and you are unsure if it meets size and weight restrictions.


To protect the health of our employees and customers, some items cannot be sent through the mail.

We advise you to send fragile or valuable items using one of our services that can be tracked and that allows you to insure your item. You can insure an item against loss or damage up to $5,000 CDN. Some items cannot be insured against damage or loss because of their fragility (e.g. crystal) or their intrinsic value (e.g. concert tickets).

Please note that we cannot accept any items over 30 kg. In addition, the length, width and height of your item must fall within certain limits.

We do not recommend sending cash in the mail and cannot compensate you for any cash lost in the mail. A postal Money Order is a convenient alternative to cash or cheque when you need to send certified money by mail.

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