Applications open for the 2017 Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards

Prizes or prestige? Retailers can win both and more at the 6th annual event celebrating online retail in Canada.

Making it in e-commerce isn’t easy.

It’s a fast-moving environment that requires businesses to change gears, shift focus and adapt to new technologies just to survive. It’s also an industry that’s vital to the Canadian economy, which makes it all the more important that we recognize, applaud and support companies of all sizes that are competing in this intense market.

Canada Post started the E-commerce Innovation Awards to do just that. We are providing leading companies, both small and large, the recognition they deserve, and valuable prizes that directly boost their bottom line, including up to $100,000 in shipping credits.

As our applications remain open until May 26, we want to remind Canada’s retailers – from established giants to disruptive start-ups – of the top reasons to apply:


Categories that offer something for everyone

The e-commerce industry is made up of a diversity of retailers – and our Awards aim to engage them all.

We recognize the different business models that are driving the industry forward, the different ways in which companies are achieving success and connecting with customers, as well as the many ways retail leaders are helping to improve their communities.

This year, retailers can submit applications in seven categories:

  • Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award, for large businesses
  • Best Omni-Channel Retailer Award, for small businesses
  • Pure Play of the Year Award, for large businesses
  • Pure Play of the Year Award, for small businesses
  • Best Marketing and Brand Engagement Award
  • Most Disruptive Start-Up Award
  • Social Impact Award

For details on each award category and answers to other frequently asked questions about the awards, visit


Networking and a great celebration

All Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards finalists and winners are chosen by an independent panel of judges, who are all accomplished business people in their own right and deeply embedded in the e-commerce world. The judges’ choices will be announced at the annual gala dinner, held this year on September 20 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto.

Hosted by TSN broadcaster James Duthie, this sell-out event is attended by entrepreneurs, strategists, business leaders and investors, who come together to recognize and celebrate those companies poised to shape the future of online retail. 

The room is always full, the energy high, and the opportunity to make connections strong. Take a look at last year’s awards night:



Did we mention the prizes?

The gala brings accolades and a great time, but the awards’ substantial prizing helps fuel business growth. Here’s what winners receive:

If you’re a large business:
$100,000 in free shipping, a Smartmail Marketing package for the amount of $50,000 to be used toward a Customer Relationship Management package, including data analytics, insights, and customer responses, and a customized marketing package worth up to $15,000.

If you’re a small business:
$50,000 in free shipping, a Smartmail Marketing package for the amount of $25,000 to be used toward promotional activity (including creative, print and postage) to advertise and support the growth of the business, and a customized marketing package worth up to $15,000.

While this prizing goes directly to the bottom line, it also enables companies to try new strategies they otherwise wouldn’t.

According to Vincent Thériault, co-founder of menswear retailer Surmesur, 2016 winner for Best Omni-Channel Retailer (small), the award provided a “great opportunity for us to test.”

Specifically, the award allowed the company to experiment with enhanced shipping offers, and analyze which ones made the greatest difference to their customers. “Now we have the opportunity to bring it to another level,” says Thériault. Hear more from the Surmesur co-founders about how they’re growing their business.



Let’s not forget the recognition

E-commerce Award winners are crowned as industry leaders – and that’s the kind of recognition that can energize employees, impress customers and generally enhance the sophistication of the brand. Not to mention, it gives Canada Post another reason to tell the stories of our country’s amazing retailers.

Check out our Delivering the Online World magazine profile of Manitobah Mukluks, winner of the 2015 Community Impact Award (now the Social Impact Award) for its work in improving the lives of Canada’s Aboriginal people.


What’s next?

Finalists for all Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards will be announced in early August.

To submit an application, visit

Good luck!