Canada Post Community Foundation for Children

Grant applications open for national and grassroots organizations across Canada that serve the needs of children.

More than $1 million is available to organizations across the country that need help funding their community, education and health programs for children and young people.

Charities, non-profits, schools and other groups, whether local or national, can apply to the Canada Post Community Foundation for Children for a grant. Applications will be accepted until April 5, 2017, and applicants will be notified about the Foundation’s decisions in August.

Good works
Since 2013, the Foundation has given more than $5 million to more than 440 organizations across the country. Grant recipients include breakfast and after-school programs, camps for children with learning disabilities, family-focused mental-health programs, and educational campaigns that teach safe media use and positive attitudes about body image.

People looking to apply for a grant for their organization should remember that the Foundation supports the projects that generate the most impact and create lasting change. In other words, initiatives that “have legs for the future.”

Application tips
Writing a grant application isn’t rocket science. But it requires the applicant to follow the rules set out and – most importantly – adhere to the deadline. Here are a few more tips on how to submit an application with the most chance for success:

  • Ensure your eligibility. Be sure to read the eligibility requirements for the Foundation’s grants. If your organization or project doesn’t meet the criteria, you’d be better off applying for a grant that better matches your objectives.
  • Make time. You can’t write a grant application in one sitting. Spend time organizing your thoughts and gathering your support material before writing the actual application.
  • Answer all of the questions. Leaving sections blank would be a red flag that your application is incomplete or the project isn’t eligible.
  • Ask for feedback. Share your application with someone at your organization or in your field before you submit it. That kind of external feedback can be invaluable.
  • Proofread. Be sure to review your application thoroughly before submitting. Jumbled thoughts, run-on sentences and typos can make your application look unprofessional and reflect poorly on your organization.

We wish all applicants good luck, and we’re looking forward to witnessing how the Foundation’s funds help to strengthen our communities again in 2017.