Deepak Chopra: Canada Post set to celebrate Canada’s 150th by playing historic role of storyteller

At Canada Post, we take great pride in telling Canada’s stories. Every year, we honour the accomplishments, the struggles and the people that define our history.

We celebrate our heritage by painting small easels with the larger-than-life stories that make this country great. Our stamp program tells Canada’s incredible stories. In fact, we have been honoured to do so since before Confederation.



Telling Canada’s story since the first Canadian stamp

It started in 1851 when the British Crown transferred authority to the Province of Canada to manage its own postal system. This required the creation of Canada’s first postage stamp. Rather than follow the longstanding tradition of depicting a member of the monarchy on the stamp, the young nation turned to Sir Sandford Fleming. His design was simple, but it told a big story. He chose the image of a beaver, which not only honoured early trade and commerce in the colony, but also told the story of an emerging nation working hard to succeed in a rugged, vast and undeveloped land.

How fitting it is that Canada’s first stamp – the Three-Penny Beaver – told the story of a country that is not afraid to work hard and forge its own path.

Since that time, commemorating our country’s achievements, our struggles and our culture has been the backbone of the Canadian stamp program. Year after year our stamps tell the evolving and fascinating story of a country coming of age.

Now, 150 years after Confederation, Canadians across the country are celebrating these stories and how far we’ve come from our existence as a rugged colony. Canada Post is therefore thrilled to contribute to the celebrations by issuing a set of 10 special commemorative stamps selected by our independent Stamp Advisory Committee.


Celebrating 10 significant events for Canada 150

With so many stories to tell, we decided to focus on our modern history by celebrating 10 of the most significant events since our Centennial year. The incredible accomplishments of our first century paved the way for Canada to come of age and become a shining example to the rest of the world.

So starting on April 27, we will unveil all 10 incredible stamps at separate events over a five-week period. Each one will recognize a significant event or milestone in the last 50 years that helped shape the Canada we know today. You can follow our progress on this site.

Some will be obvious. Some will surprise you. Each one will make you proud to call this country home.

Each one deserves a special unveiling and that’s what we’re planning. We have called on an impressive list of Canadians to help us celebrate these moments – including a world-renowned architect, a Canadian country music star, community activists, legendary sports figures, a former Prime Minister and even an astronaut.

The entire set will be unveiled by June 1. That’s the day they will be issued for sale across the country. So please keep coming back to this site as we unveil each of the 10 stamps.

While we’re keeping the details under wraps until the unveilings, we can share one historic fact. For the first time ever, each stamp will be the shape of the maple leaf. Telling Canada’s story through postage started with a beaver, so it’s only fitting we call on the maple leaf to mark our 150th year.

On behalf of all of us at Canada Post, Happy 150th Canada!

Deepak Chopra
Canada Post