Dear Santa…

Getting in the holiday spirit with a tradition that shows no signs of slowing down

Whether they write about what they want for Christmas, divulge how good or bad they’ve been, or inquire about Rudolph, writing a letter to Santa is a time-honoured tradition for kids across Canada and the world.


The Canada Post Letters to Santa program has been going strong for the past 35 years. Last year, we received more than 1.5 million letters from children and we made sure they all received a reply from Santa himself – and this year’s program shows no sign of slowing down.



For Nadia Chegrinec, mother of three children, 5, 11 and 13, writing to Saint Nick has been a family tradition for a decade.


After the Santa Claus parade, with holiday music playing and hot chocolate flowing, Chegrinec and her children pull out construction paper and sit at the kitchen table to write their notes. There are a few parameters: they need to ask how Santa’s year has been and wish him well. “And it has to be a real letter,” she says, “not just a list!”


How can you participate in the program?

  • Mail your Letter to Santa by December 14. (The deadline for schools is December 2.)
  • Don’t worry about postage, letters addressed to Santa do not need a stamp.
  • Include a return address – otherwise we won’t know where to deliver Santa’s reply.
  • Make sure to include Santa’s address, including his postal code:

    Santa Claus
    North Pole, CANADA
    H0H 0H0


In the coming weeks, Chegrinec will be helping more children write letters to Santa with the Canada Post Mom Squad – a group of six busy moms who are celebrating the holidays this year with Canadians, offering tips and gift ideas, as well as sharing their important family traditions, like this one.


“I feel as the kids are growing up, our traditions are waning,” she says. “And this is one I’d like to hold on to.”