Delivery on demand

The many innovative ways that Canada Post meets the needs of online shoppers

Centuries ago, settlers and colonists across what would become Canada depended on a parcel delivery network to send and receive goods to survive.

Things have certainly changed since then – these days, Canadians are doing more online shopping than ever before and Canada Post is always innovating to keep up with the demand (we do deliver two out of every three parcels ordered online, after all!).

Here’s how we do it:

1. We’ve got the largest delivery and retail networks in Canada, with 21 processing plants, 485 letter carrier depots, more than 6,200 retail post offices, and a fleet comprising more than 13,000 trucks.

2. During the holiday season, we have the capacity to deliver more than a million parcels in a day – it’s something we did 16 times last year!

3. Our automated equipment uses technology that allows every parcel to be tracked, because Canadians, we have learned, love to track their parcels (they did it more than 425 million times in 2015).

4. We created FlexDelivery – a service that allows shoppers to route their parcel to a post office of their choice. Then there’s Delivered Tonight, another convenient service that gives shoppers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal a same-day delivery option for select retailers.

5. We’ve been installing secure parcel lockers in condos and apartment lobbies, and launching new retail concepts like a drive-thru parcel pickup and a fitting room so people can try on the outfit they just received, and return it if it doesn’t fit.