Online retail and the need for speed

Canada Post’s parcel pickup service allows businesses to get ahead and operate more effectively

Entering the world of online retail can be a great way to grow your business and attract new customers. However when order volumes go up, time gets limited. One of the ways we help today’s businesses stay ahead of demand is with our flexible parcel pickup service. We’ve already performed 1.5 million pickups so far this year.

It’s no secret that Canadians are embracing online shopping in a big way. Sales continue to grow every year, and are expected to reach $40 billion by 2019.

It’s an e-commerce boom that savvy online retailers have certainly tapped in to. They understand how important it is to quickly fulfill orders if they’re going to grow their businesses. It’s a balancing act with its own set of challenges: how can retailers keep up with increased volumes and customer expectations in a timely manner?

An easy way to soothe growing pains while enabling faster, easier shipping is to use our Parcel Pickup service instead of trekking to a post office. Amber Stafford, the busy co-manager of Victoire Boutique’s Toronto location, recently decided to use the service and likes the results. “Before, I had to wait until the store closed then head to a postal outlet in a taxi and wait in line,” explains Stafford. “We don’t have a store vehicle and our combined parcels can be heavy. Now they get out that much faster, no more cab fares and it’s way more convenient for me!”

If convenience is a great selling point for retailers like Victoire Boutique, then flexibility is right there with it. Canada Post offers two types of pickups for this service: scheduled for ongoing and regular times, and on-demand. These services account for over 9,000 daily pickups, in more than 800,000 postal codes across Canada—it’s a reach that works for all sizes of businesses from home-operated ones to retail giants including Amazon and Best Buy.

Daily, more and more retailers are depending on this service. In fact, Canada Post has seen a 6% volume increase in pickups, and to keep up with the demand, we’ve built a new team in National Collection and Delivery that is dedicated to supporting the entire process.

Helping businesses compete in the online space is an increasingly important part of what Canada Post is all about. We’re looking at new ways to help retailers across the country better serve their customers-who, as it happens, are also our customers.