Partners in tech

How Canada Post works with tech companies to help retailers improve the online experience

It’s an exciting time to be in e-commerce as retailers combine their creativity with technology to push the boundaries of online retail. Exciting – but also overwhelming, especially for small retailers. While abundant in creativity, small businesses can lack the technological know-how to execute their vision in what has become a technological labyrinth.

One of Canada Post’s core principles is to support businesses of all sizes across Canada by helping them reach consumers wherever they live. That puts us firmly inside the world of e-commerce: Not only delivering retailers’ products to their customers, but also providing easy access to the best integrated technology solutions to ensure the fulfillment, shipping and delivery process is top notch.


Why is that important?

Research shows that shipping and delivery are critical parts of the e-commerce process. When retailers provide answers to questions, such as When will my package arrive? How much will shipping cost? Can I easily return it?, they reduce the barriers to a successful transaction. Research also shows that when retailers provide a positive and convenient delivery process, their customers are more likely to buy from them again.

To help retailers offer the shipping data and delivery experience their customers want, Canada Post works with today’s best e-commerce solutions companies.



Platform providers

From Shopify and Magento to 3dcart and WooCommerce, we work with a range of platforms. Our collaboration enables them to integrate our web services directly into their platforms. This means shoppers, depending on which web services the platform offers, can access more of Canada Post’s data.

This can include seeing shipping rates and expected delivery dates, or receiving the option to route their package to a specific post office. Retailers can also provide a tracking number, so their customers can see where their package is in the delivery process. As well, retailers can offer more return options – another key component of a solid customer experience.

By providing this information, retailers help clear the path to purchase. For instance, our research indicates that more than 1 in 10 sales is lost if shipping dates are not provided at checkout, while 67 per cent of shoppers would be more inclined to buy high-value items when offered delivery options.


Shipping software

Another way retailers can increase the number of repeat customers is by ensuring a positive delivery experience. Same-day delivery may not be realistic for all retailers, especially small ones. However, by automating more of the fulfillment and shipping process, most retailers can shorten delivery times and get their products into their customers’ hands faster.

In this area, we collaborate with various solution providers. With Shopatron, we work to help retailers implement an effective Ship From Store solution, which requires the integration of real-time store inventory and shipping. We work with ShipStation and OrderCup, companies that help simplify fulfillment by automating the printing of shipping labels, packing slips and customs forms.

We have also partnered with online marketplaces including eBay and Etsy to provide a more efficient shipping process for their vendors.

These kinds of collaborations are one of the ways we are striving to innovate in order to help retailers sell their products online more easily, and earn the loyalty of their customers in the digital age.