Student convenience 101

No matter how busy university life gets, Canada Post offers a variety of services to help students receive parcels conveniently and keep their lives organized.

Now that the academic year is once again in full swing, many students have settled back into that familiar rhythm of studying, essay writing, coffee drinking, and more studying.

It’s a busy time, to be sure. But regardless of the demands of university, receiving parcels, sending out mail, and staying on top of bills is still a part of life that your average student needs to deal with.

Regardless of how hectic and on the go a student’s life can get, Canada Post offers several services that place convenience front-and-centre.




So here’s the situation: say you’re currently studying away from home, and you’re online shopping for books and winter clothes. Your package should arrive on Thursday, but you realize that your part-time job across town has you scheduled for that day too. And you really want that package! You need a flexible and secure solution to make sure you receive it ASAP — that’s FlexDelivery.

For busy students, FlexDelivery works like so: once you sign up online and create a profile, you can choose a personalized list of preferred post offices to receive your mail. You’re then given special FlexDelivery PO Box number and unique ID for each one (and you can even assign them names like “Work”, “Home,” or “Cousin Sean” to tell them apart). Whenever you order something online, use your PO Box number and ID as your address — the package is then routed to whichever post office you want, where it’s held for up to 15 days.

Mobile Convenience

Students are doing just about everything on their phones, so it stands to reason that they should be able to track their packages in the same way. Available for iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices, Canada Post’s app makes keeping track of your online orders (not to mention finding a postal code or a nearby post office) simple and convenient. So convenient, in fact, that out of the 425 million online tracking events that Canada Post processed last year, 68% of them were tracked through our mobile app!

Picture Postage

The only thing better than sending care packages home and to friends studying elsewhere? Doing it with plenty of self-expression. That’s where Picture Postage comes in. You can use this unique service to create personalized stamps, greeting cards and postcards by using your very own photos or designs. Once you follow the easy steps and place your order, the result is something that definitely leaves an impression.


Bills, statements, credit cards, and more — staying organized with everything you receive digitally can be time-consuming when you’ve got a million other things to focus on. One way to make it a whole lot easier on you is with epost. Once you sign up, it becomes an all-in-one place for you to securely store, manage, and pay bills online, which of course gives you more time to study!