The right fit for online shopping

Canada Post’s new Parcel Centres offer major conveniences for busy shoppers

But will it fit me right?

If you’ve ever shopped online for clothing and found something that looks absolutely perfect on the screen, that question has probably come up more than once. We’re living (and shopping) in the age of the e-commerce boom, after all, where so much of what we purchase comes from online retailers.

Still, it’s a little disappointing if you receive that order and it doesn’t fit as perfectly as you’d hoped. But having to go through the process of returning it – that can feel like a chore.

Canada Post hopes to change that as we launch another new Parcel Centre concept store, featuring a fitting room, drive-thru pickup service, and self-serve kiosks.

Designed entirely for customer convenience – and to conduct research into what really resonates with shoppers so our services can be modified or improved – these Parcel Centres are the first of their kind in North America, and exist in areas where online shopping activity is high.

The first opened last year in Richmond Hill, Ont., just north of Toronto. The latest recently launched in Edmonton.

In the words of Canada Post President and CEO Deepak Chopra, the idea behind the Parcel Centres is to “be the storefront for thousands of stores who choose Canada Post as their delivery partner. This pilot is our ongoing quest to find innovative solutions for a fast growing population of savvy online shoppers.”


Canada Post concept store.

It’s convenience first at the new Edmonton Parcel Centre, where customers can pick up their packages at the drive-thru window, and use the self-serve shipping station to send packages 24/7.


So what about those pants you ordered online?

Well, by picking them up at a Parcel Centre, you’ll have the convenience of being able to try them on in a fitting room complete with full mirror. If they aren’t looking and feeling as you’d hoped, you can return them immediately. How easy is that?

Likewise, if time is of the essence, the Parcel Centre also offers a drive-thru. Customers simply have to scan the barcode on their smartphone or pickup notice, and then drive on through to receive their package. The 24/7 self-service shipping station also affords customers the ability to send their parcels whenever it’s most convenient for them, thanks to touch screens, free Wi-Fi, and weighing and label printing areas.

Be on the lookout for the next Parcel Centre which is set to launch in Vancouver later this year. If there’s one thing online shoppers can agree on, it’s that these Parcel Centres will definitely be a good fit.


Canada Post concept store interior.

The sizeable fitting room lets online shoppers try on their purchases – so if they don’t fit, they can return them then and there.