Why shop at a small business? Let’s count the ways

It’s Small Business Month – celebrate with us by showing start-up, local and specialty retailers some shopping love

At Canada Post, we enjoy working with businesses of all sizes as we deliver their products to Canadians across the country. But we have a special relationship with small businesses that stretches back through our history. When they thrive, we thrive – and so does Canada. So this October we’re excited to celebrate Small Business Month, and we want you to celebrate it with us, starting right now.

Here is just a fraction of our reasons for why you should keep small businesses in mind when buying the products and services you want and need.

Get customized style

Have you noticed that in the era of fast fashion nothing really fits? More and more small businesses are coming to the rescue. The founders of menswear retailer Surmesur and footwear company Poppy Barley, for instance, created their stores with customization in mind. They’re part of a new crop of entrepreneurs revamping the made-to-measure concept for today’s digital generation.

Benefit from their expertise

When quality is important, small businesses can be a valuable resource. They’re often experts in their fields – they have to be to compete. Specialty retailers from robotics parts supplier Canada Robotix to tea shop Tao Tea Leaf, dedicate themselves to sourcing the best products and providing superior advice.

Stand out from the crowd

Small businesses offer something you can’t get at a large chain – those niche items that reflect your unique personality and taste. Thanks to social media, they can also plug you into a community of people like you. For instance, it’s a small venture like Snakes & Lattes that can help you when you want to build up your eclectic board game collection and talk strategy with fellow fans.

Strengthen the economy

It’s not just about what you get, but what you add. Small businesses comprise 28% of Canada’s GDP and employ 8 million people. Plus, when you buy from a small business, a greater portion of your dollar circulates in the local economy. By supporting small businesses you not only contribute to our economy, but also the quality of life it supports.

Give the world more Canada

Some of Canada’s most successful brands started small, like fashion retailer Frank + Oak, footwear manufacturer Manitobah Mukluks, the now iconic Canada Goose. Shopping at small businesses can enable their potential to expand beyond our borders, increasing Canada’s presence on the global stage.

Because it’s never been easier

Thank you online shopping.

Keep your career options open

Every year, 100,000 new businesses are created in this country, by teens all the way to seniors. That could be you in the future. Helping the small business sector stay a vibrant part of our culture will help preserve it – which means it’ll still be there for your own potential venture someday.

Lift the national GNH

Did you know that in Bhutan, instead of GDP they prefer to measure GNH – their country’s gross national happiness? If we were to do that in Canada small business owners would add to our tally. By a variety of measures they report high rates of satisfaction, which means by supporting small businesses you can literally help make our world a better place. What better reason is there than that?

We’re lucky. All the businesses mentioned here are our customers, and most are finalists or winners of our E-commerce Innovation Awards. We get to work with them every day as we deliver their items to any of Canada’s 15.8 million addresses, or to a post office of your choice with our FlexDelivery service.

We hope you’ll check them out – and we hope you’ll come back throughout October to read more about some of our small business customers. Stay tuned!