Write to Santa – he’ll write you back!

Mail your letter by December 11

It’s that time of year again – time to send your letters, cards, pictures and drawings to the North Pole!

Envelopes going to Mr. Claus don’t need a stamp, and as long as they’re mailed by December 11, 2017, he’ll write you back. Just make sure to include a return address.

This video, starring students from the Ottawa School of Theatre, tells kids everything they need to know about sending letters to Santa – including his mailing address.


The Claus family and the elves love reading the childrens’ letters from around the world. Last year, Santa replied to more than 1.6 million letters!

To make sure he can answer yours, it needs to be addressed properly. Here’s an example, so you can make sure your letter has all the information Santa needs.


It takes time for Santa to get to all the letters he receives, so thousands of Postal Elves help him with this monumental task! The elves volunteer more than 260,000 hours to make sure all the girls and boys who write to Santa get a reply before Christmas.

Canada Post has been helping Santa with his mail for decades. Since the national program started, in 1981, Santa’s North Pole Post Office has answered more than 27.8 million letters, in 39 languages, including Braille.

Santa’s excited to hear from all of you this year!