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Release Notes for AddressComplete

Version: 2.10

Release date: May 12, 2014

What's New

This release includes a number of improvements to user messaging, adds support for additional address fields and for screen readers, and provides improved language detection and setup controls.

Changes in this release

  • Improvement to how address forms are populated. When populating your address form, we reformat the selected address to fit your form, where necessary.
  • Advanced field values introduced. During setup, you can now specify the following additional address fields that AddressComplete will automatically populate:
    • {StreetNumber}
    • {StreetNumberSuffix}
    • {StreetName}
    • {StreetType}
    • {StreetDirection}
    • {StreetPreDirection}
    • {StreetPostDirection}
    • {DeliveryMode}
    • {DeliveryType}
    • {DeliveryNumber}
    • {StationType}
    • {StationName}
    • {PostalCodePrefix}
    • {PostalCodeSuffix}
  • "Keep typing" message displays instantly. The message "Keep typing your address to display more results" now appears instantly instead of after a 5-second delay. An option promptDelay has been added to allow you to set a delay, if desired.
  • "No results found" message shortened, customizable. The message "No results found. Try again or enter your address manually" has been shortened to "No results found". Selecting this shortened message brings the user into manual entry mode. In addition, you now have more customization options regarding this messaging.
  • Support for screen readers. We have added support for ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) tags through a name option.
  • Improved language detection and setup:
    • We better detect the language in which the user is typing.
    • You can now choose to have results display in the detected language.
    • The language in which messages display to users can be selected during setup.
  • Number of available matches displays. The number of available matches displays and updates as the user types.
  • Support for message icon. You can now include an icon as part of the messages that display to users.
  • Improved positioning of address results. Address results now reposition above or below the address search bar, depending on space limitations.

How to upgrade to the new version (using the basic setup method)

To upgrade to AddressComplete version 2.1:

  1. Sign in to AddressComplete.
  2. Select My Account.
  3. Select Create New Installation.
  4. Follow the prompts to copy the new code snippet. Then, in the html source code for your website, replace the old AddressComplete code snippet with the new snippet you just copied.
  5. From the AddressComplete Dashboard, locate your old installation and select Disable.

How to upgrade to the new version (using the API library)

In the API library, change the current scripts from address-3.10 to address-3.20.

Previous releases: