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AddressComplete Interactive AutoCompleteFind (v1.00)

AutoCompleteFind is typically the second stage of a search that began with AutoComplete. AutoCompleteFind lists more details associated with a given search. Call this method with the Id parameter returned from AutoComplete if IsRetrieveable is false.

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Name Value Type Default Description
Id * String The Id from an AutoComplete operation.

* Required


Each request to the web service requires the following parameters. You can create any number of keys, each of which can be reported on individually and have specific security settings.

Name Type Description Default Example
Key * String The key to use to authenticate to the service. AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11
Id * String The Id from an AutoComplete operation. CAN|10|619|722|UnVlIFJpY2FyZCwgUmVwZW50aWdueSwgUUM*


The response from the web service is a table containing the elements below. Where no items are found, the response will be empty (although all endpoints specify the columns). If an error occurs, the response will be an error table instead. (See response errors and general errors below.)

Name Type Description Values Example
Id String The Id representing the record.
Suggestion String The first line of the address or most significant locality.
212 Spadina Ave
IsRetrievable Boolean When set, the Id should be passed to the Retrieve method. When not set, it should be passed back to AutoCompleteFind for clarification.

Response Errors

Below are the errors specific to this web service (general errors are listed following these). If an error occurs, an error table like the one below (but containing a single row) will be returned. (Developers should test for a 4-column table with columns "Error", "Description", "Cause" and "Resolution".)

Error Description Cause Resolution
1001 Id Required The Id parameter was not supplied. Please ensure that you supply the Id parameter and try again.
1002 Id Invalid The Id parameter was not recognized as a valid Id from the AutoComplete service. Check the Id and try again.

General Errors

These errors are general service errors and can be returned by any web service. Note that general errors are all below 100 while service-specific errors start at 1000.

Error Description Cause Resolution
-1 Unknown error The cause of the error is unknown but details have been passed to our support staff who will investigate. These problems are typically short lived and are often resolved by trying again in a few minutes.
2 Unknown key The key you are using to access the service was not found. Please check that the key is correct. It should be in the form AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11.
3 Account out of credit Your account is either out of credit or has insufficient credit to service this request. Please check your account balance and top it up if necessary.
4 Request not allowed from this IP The request was disallowed from the IP address. Check the security settings on the key first. If they look fine, please contact support as it may be from an IP address on our blacklist.
5 Request not allowed from this URL The request was disallowed from the URL. Check the security settings on the key first. If they look fine, please contact support as it may be from a URL on our blacklist.
6 Web service not available on this key The requested web service is disallowed on this key. Check the security settings on the key first. You can limit a key to certain web services.
7 Web service not available on your plan The requested web service is not currently available on your payment plan. Some services are only available in specific regions due to licensing restrictions. Please contact us for more information.
8 Key daily limit exceeded The daily limit on the key has been exceeded. Alter the daily limit on the key. Check the usage details first to see if usage is normal.
9 Your account has been suspended Your account has been suspended. This can be for a number of reasons including non-payment of an invoice. Please contact us in order to resolve this issue.
10 Surge protector triggered An unusually large number of requests have been processed for your account so the surge protector has been enabled. You can disable the surge protector at any time but this is only recommended if you are running through a batch of requests.
11 No valid license available The request requires a valid license but none were found. Please check your purchase history. You may be using a license that is no longer valid or of an incorrect type.
12 Management key required To use this web service you require a management key. Management can be enabled on any key, but we advise you to use management keys with care. Sign in to the website and create a new management key or change an existing key.
13 Demo limit exceeded The daily demonstration limit for this service or account has been exceeded. The limit will be reset at midnight tonight. If you would like the limit increased, please contact us.
14 Free service limit exceeded You have used too many free web services. Our web services are designed to operate in stages. The first is usually a Find service followed by a Retrieve. If you use too many Finds without the corresponding number of Retrieves you will receive this error. For more information, please contact us.
15 Wrong type of key The type of key you're using isn't supported by this web service. This usually happens if you're using a user or server license with a web service that only supports transactional keys. Please use another key and try again.
16 Key expired The key you are trying to use has expired. Please check that you are using the right key. A new one may have been issued if you recently renewed your key. Contact us if you have any questions.
17 Key daily limit exceeded The daily limit on the key has been exceeded. Alter the daily limit on the key. Check the usage details first to see if usage is normal.
18 Missing or invalid parameters A required parameter was not supplied of the value of a parameter cannnot be converted into the right type. Check the parameters passed and their values against the specification for this service.
19 Invalid JSON object The JSON object sent in your request is invalid. Please ensure your JSON object is syntactically correct and try again.
20 Endpoint not available The web service you are calling is not available on this endpoint Refer to our documentation pages to ensure you are calling a valid endpoint for the web service you are requesting.
21 Sandbox Mode is not available on this endpoint The License key used has Sandbox Mode enabled, but the testing functionality is not available on this endpoint. Disable the Sandbox Mode on the License key.
22 HTTPS requests only As of 3rd September 2018 all new accounts must use HTTPS. Ensure you consume all of our APIs over HTTPS and not HTTP.
23 Agreement Not Signed There are agreements associated with service which are not signed. Please go to your account and check your agreements.