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Terms and Conditions

Shipping Service Agreement: For complete terms and conditions regarding the shipping service selected, consult the Canada Postal Guide or visit your Post Office. Note: the terms and conditions, including what is acceptable to mail and customs requirements will be those in effect when you mail your package.

Label Refunds: If your label did not print out properly or you no longer want to use your label, contact Canada Post Customer Service toll free at 888 550-6333 for a refund. For further details, see also the Ship-in-a-Click™ Help section by clicking the HELP button on the top of your Ship-in-a-Click™ screen.

The following are key terms in effect on the date of your order and are subject to change without notice.

On-time Delivery Guarantee: An on-time delivery guarantee is available only for packages sent using certain services sent to certain locations. No on-time delivery guarantee applies to the Regular Parcel™, Expedited Parcel™-USA or USA/International Air & Surface Small Packets services. Some exceptions and conditions apply. If delivery is not on time, Canada Post will offer replacement service or a credit of the shipping charges. Canada Post is not liable for any other loss due to delay including any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages. Call toll free 888 550-6333, visit any Canada Post retail outlet or consult the Canada Postal Guide for details.

Limitation of Liability: Liability coverage against loss or damage of up to $100 of the shipment's value is included. The availability and the limits of liability coverage depend on the service selected, country of destination, and the nature of the items being shipped. Some exceptions and conditions apply. Note: shipments which are subject to liability coverage and which contain glass, ceramic, or perishable/temperature sensitive items are covered only for loss, not damage. Coverage for loss or damage is NOT available for the following items: cash, stocks, bonds, lottery tickets, negotiable premium coupons, traveller's cheques and trading stamps, non-mailable items or improperly packaged items, etc. Canada Post's liability is limited to the lesser of $100, the actual or the declared value; less any compensation received by the claimant from any other source plus postage and taxes. For details, refer to the Canada Postal Guide.

Making a claim: To initiate a claim, you must contact Customer Service toll free at 888-550-6333 or by e-mail. Claims must be submitted within 90 days for shipments within Canada and within 6 months for all other shipments.


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