Shiny and Bright: United States Stamps ($1.27) Sheetlet of 6


Product # 114123

NOTE: The new USA rate effective January 13, 2020 is $1.30. Top up to the new rate using our 3 cent stamps.

Send greetings with this sheetlet of 6 US-rate stamps.

The stamps in this festive booklet depict a trio of ballet dancers. The PermanentTM domestic rate booklet features a pink reindeer dashing through glittery snow, while the international-rate stamp depicts a partridge in a sparkling pear tree.

Our annual holiday stamps add a colourful touch to cards and letters to family and friends, or invitations to seasonal parties and events.

Issue Date November 4, 2019
Stamp Designer Andrew Lewis Design
Stamp Value $1.27 (U.S.rate)
Quantity Produced 300,000
Dimensions 22 mm x 24 mm

Product # 114123