Medical Groundbreakers: PermanentTM domestic rate stamps – booklet of 10


Product # 414152111

This booklet of 10 stamps shines a light on six Canadian champions who have changed the practice of medicine worldwide: Drs. Bruce Chown, Julio Montaner, Balfour Mount, M. Vera Peters, James Till and Ernest McCulloch.

These six physicians and researchers played leading roles in the development of innovative treatments, methods and practices ranging from pre-natal treatment to end-of-life care. While they may be not be well known, their contributions have changed, or saved, the lives of millions of people. Their work continues to inspire future generations of researchers and pave the way for new discoveries.

Issue Date September 10, 2020
Stamp Designer Mike Savage, Dale Kilian | Signals
Stamp Value PermanentTM (domestic rate)
Quantity Produced 130,000
Dimensions 38 mm x 30 mm

Product # 414152111