Medical Groundbreakers: Official First Day Cover – Dr. M. Vera Peters


Product # 414156131

Recognize the life-saving work of radiation oncologist Dr. M Vera Peters with this Official First Day Cover.

Dr. Peter revolutionized the treatment of two types of cancer in an era when the work of female physician scientists was not often acknowledged. In her 1950 landmark study, Dr. Peters showed that Hodgkin lymphoma – then considered fatal – could be cured with radiation therapy.

She also determined that a lumpectomy combined with radiation is as effective as a mastectomy for early breast cancer, and is often more in keeping with patients’ wishes. Initially met with skepticism, her findings became common practice throughout the world.

This Official First Day Cover bears a commemorative cancel that includes the day of issue and the city where Dr. Peters made her notable contributions – Toronto, ON.

Issue Date September 10, 2020
Stamp Designer Mike Savage, Dale Kilian | Signals
Stamp Value PermanentTM (domestic rate)
Quantity Produced 2,000
Dimensions 190 mm x 112 mm
Cancellation site Toronto, ON

Product # 414156131