The Lunar New Year Cycle: PermanentTM domestic rate stamps - booklet of 12


Product # 414158111


Celebrate all of the signs of the Chinese zodiac with this booklet of 12 Lunar New Year Cycle PermanentTM domestic rate stamps.

This issue is a special retrospective of all of the stamps produced in our Lunar New Year series from 2009 to 2020. The booklet stamps are based on the 12 designs previously denominated at the international rate.

The Lunar calendar follows the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac in which each year is represented by an animal, beginning with the Year of the Rat and ending with the Year of the Pig. According to one legend, the order of the animals in the zodiac was determined by how they placed in a race called by the Jade Emperor.

Issue Date January 15, 2021
Stamp Designer Paprika Design
Stamp Value PermanentTM (domestic rate)
Quantity Produced 50,000
Dimensions 160 mm x 180 mm

Product # 414158111