From Far and Wide: Coil of 50 stamps (USA)


Product # 401406117

NOTE: The new USA rate effective January 13, 2020 is $1.30. Top up to the new rate using our 3 cent stamps.

Share the rugged beauty of one of Canada’s must-see places with this coil of 50 US-rate stamps featuring Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. This is one of nine definitives in the second issue of From Far and Wide, a multi-year series featuring some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes.

Ontario’s oldest provincial park, Algonquin was established in 1893 to protect the headwaters of five major rivers, preserve native forests and wildlife, and provide recreational opportunities. Now roughly double its original size, Algonquin Park protects 7,630 square kilometres of quintessentially Canadian landscape, including rocky hills, mixed forests, and more than 2,000 lakes.

  • ISSUE DATE: January 14, 2019
  • STAMP DESIGNER: Stéphane Huot
  • STAMP VALUE: $1.27 (U.S. rate)
  • QUANTITY PRODUCED: Continuous printing
  • DIMENSIONS: 24 mm x 20 mm

Product # 401406117