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2016 Collection Canada

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Collection Canada delves into the stories behind Canada Post’s stamp issues with intriguing essays spanning the history, places, personalities and events that inspired the stamps.

  • Contains 59 mint stamps
  • Protective mounts to preserve your stamps
  • Cardboard slipcover to protect your album

From creatures with scales to sci-fi tales…

From birds that represent provinces and territories to the African-Canadian heroes of WWI, and from the Year of the Monkey to more dinos that once roamed this land, plus UNESCO World Heritage sites, hydrangeas, hauntings and more – Collection Canada 2016 showcases the stamps that reflected our country this year.

Within these pages, you’ll find the story of our fore-mothers’ struggle to win the right to vote, more images from the Canadian Photography series, a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, famous Canadian NHL® forwards, and of course, our featured stamp issue marking the 50th anniversary of the classic Star TrekTM TV series and its multiple Canadian connections.

Product # 342123 - $82.95


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