Dinosaurs: Souvenir Sheet of 5 Stamps


Product # 403979145

Take pride in Canada’s important role in palaeontology.

This double-sided collectible of the prehistoric creatures who roamed our country long ago is illustrated by Julius Csotonyi and designed Andrew Perro. Treated with holographic foil and multilevel embossing to create a 3D effect and sense of movement, the enormous beasts are captured breaking through the stamp. The background of the sheet is a photograph of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta and includes a brief description confirming Canada’s connection to these gentle and fierce creatures. An ideal souvenir for topical collectors!

Special thanks to the Canadian Museum of Nature for their expertise and cooperation.

  • Issue date: April 13, 2015
  • Designer: Andrew Perro, Toronto, ON
  • Stamp value: $4.25
  • Number of stamps included: 5
  • Dimensions: 159mm x 65mm

Product # 403979145