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Dinosaurs: Uncut Press Sheet

Product # 403979149 - $34.00

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Leaping out from the sheet, the Tyrannosaurus rex (best known as the T. rex), one of Canada’s prehistoric creatures, makes its ferocious appearance centre stage.

Made all the more terrifying by additional foil and embossing, the enlarged T. rex is also used by designer Andrew Perro to have a little fun on the back of the press sheet. Souvenir sheets of the Euoplocephalus tutus, Chasmosaurus belli, Ornithomimus edmontonicus and the Tylosaurus pembinensis are panelled on each side of this collectible. The foil-treated and embossed stamps are set against Judy Arndt’s photograph of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, an ominous sky and a palaeontology design theme. A perfect double-sided gift for dinosaur fans!

Special thanks to the Canadian Museum of Nature for their expertise and cooperation.

  • Issue date: April 13, 2015
  • Designer: Andrew Perro, Toronto, ON
  • Stamp value: $34.00
  • Number of stamps included: 8 souvenir sheets, each souvenir sheet bearing 5 stamps
  • Dimensions: 608mm x 358mm (24 in x 14 in)

Product # 403979149 - $34.00


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