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Motorcycles (1908 CCM) - Postage-paid postcards


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  • Buy this creative ready-to-mail prepaid postcard that features the classic Canadian-made 1908 CCM motorcycle.
  • This convenient postage-paid postcard can be mailed from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in the world.
  • Use the collectible postcard featuring a great Canadian-built motorcycle to share your passion and celebrate the beginning of the riding season!
  • Issue Date: June 5, 2013.

About the postcard

This ready-to-mail prepaid postcard features the image from the domestic-rate PERMANENT™ stamp showcasing the vintage 1908 CCM motorcycle, which is part of Canada Post’s new series dedicated to Canadian motorcycle manufacturing and design.

Stamp designer Matt Warburton, of Emdoubleyu Design, chose a simple design that focuses on the structural beauty of the motorcycle.

The stamp give two views of the 1908 CCM: a “rider’s view” from the top and a profile view.

About the Motorcycles series

The Canadian landscape is built for motorcycles, and Canadians have built motorcycles for the landscape—we are a country of riders.

In this series, Canada Post highlights Canadian motorcycle manufacturing and design, specifically the Canadian Cycle and Motor Company’s (CCM) 1908 Lightweight Motor Cycle and the 1914 Indian. Both of these classic models were met with widespread commercial success.

Collect all the two-wheeled products and get ready to ride!

Product # 262349


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