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Canadian Photography: Souvenir sheet

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  • Collect and celebrate the tradition of Canadian art photography with this souvenir sheet from the first issue in the Canadian Photography series.
  • The souvenir sheet contains 2 of the 5 PERMANENT™-rate stamps of the issue—the international-rate and U.S.-rate stamps.
  • Issue date: March 22, 2013.

About the Stamps

The PERMANENT™-rate stamp Hot Properties #1 is part of the 1987 series of environmental portraits created by Jim Breukelman (1941−). In the series, Breukelman photographed unique Vancouver properties that were disappearing due to redevelopment.

The international-rate stamp features 12 portraits of Ottawa photographer Yousuf Karsh. It is a detail from part of the 48 Views series created by Arnaud Maggs (1926-2012) in the early 1980s. The series consisted of portraits of prominent Canadian artists, whom Maggs photographed 48 times each.

The U.S.-rate stamp is Small Basement Camera Shop, circa 1937 by polymath artist Rodney Graham (1949−) in 2011. Recreating a scene he found in an antique store photo, he poses as the shop owner.

The PERMANENT™-rate stamp Andor Pasztor is a diptych pairing a 1978 portrait of Pasztor and his bedroom wall of photographs. Pasztor was the close friend of the father of social documentary photographer Gábor Szilási (1928−).

Canada Post showcases Canadian photography

Consulting with some of the leading voices in Canadian photography, Canada Post has curated a collection of photographs to create a series of stamps that speak to the depth and variety of Canada’s photographic tradition, from early daguerreotypes to contemporary art pieces.

Product # 403888145 - $4.21


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