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Get Started Stamp Collecting for Kids

Product # 342329 - $7.95

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  • Pick up the the newly updated and beautifully illustrated Get Started Stamp Collecting for Canadian Kids, and help foster a new hobby! Available also in French.
  • The 40-page soft cover book is a great way to introduces kids to the exciting world of stamps.
  • Get the basics on how to start a collection, and enjoy the stamps and stamp information!
  • Issue date: November 1, 2012.

About the book

A fun and informative book, Get Started—Stamp Collecting for Canadian Kids tells you everything you need to know to start a collection, and features Canadian stamps and stamp information.

It is designed for new philatelists to store and protect their soon-to-be growing collection.

The book is also sold as part of the Children’s Stamp Collecting Starter Kit, which includes useful philatelic accessories.

Catch or spread the collecting bug with Canada Post

Canada Post is committed to pass on knowledge about stamp collecting to a young audience, and to foster enthusiasm for this fascinating hobby.

Don’t forget to check out other products issued especially for young collectors, such as the complete Children’s Stamp Collecting Starter Kit !

Product # 342329 - $7.95


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